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Encounter With the King by brightredrose
Encounter With the King
Graphite, digital color, stained paper

"Well, the good news is, you've bottomed out."  ~my optometrist
I dunno, I find it amusing that I have very bad eyesight and specialize in detail work. 

I've made some zoologically-inaccurate choices here in regard to the semi-supernatural king of the forest. 

Might tweak the colors later, since moving this image file over to another computer showed a version that sucked all the colors out of the scene. 
What Would Happen? by brightredrose
What Would Happen?
AN:  Been trying to post this for days.  Something fishy with deviantart's upload page right now.  So blog-followers might already have seen this one. 

Okay.  I'm done with Eastern dragons, and probably scaled things in general, for a bit.
But I had to get this concept done and dusted, mainly because it came to me from an art director, and one does not pass up suggestions via an art director.

So far as I've read, the Longma of Chinese mythology does not have parents.  This was a humorous omission that my imagination swiftly rectified. 
So in the past week, 61 people decided to watch my art. 
Dear God.  No pressure or anything. 
But seriously, my sincere thanks.  I made what I consider to be a valiant stab at thanking everyone for the watch, as I am usually in the habit of doing, but I did have to concede defeat. 

It's been a little more than a year since I wrote a journal on this site.  Primarily because I don't rely on deviantart as my main base of operations, so far as sharing my art is concerned.  Don't misunderstand me, I check my messages and look at art here every day, but deviantart is not the only place where I draw and write.  Therefore, this seemed a good time to shamelessly advertise my other online portals.  Just 'cause. 

The glorious main website
Raconteur Raven:  Essentially a sketch blog.  Weekly sketches and scans of my graphite originals end up posted here.  Weekly updates, and I do not re-blog much. 
Facebook Page:  Finished pieces and "big" updates.  Essentially exactly what you'd get watching me here, but on facebook.
Twitter:  I confess to possibly being the worst tweeter in the world so far as regularity is concerned, but I catch up with artist friends here all the time, so come say hello.  :wave: 

So there you go, if you'd like to check out my work anywhere outside of Deviantart.  :)  See you guys when I post the next piece, the sketch for which will be posted on the blog tomorrow. 

See what I did there? 
  • Mood: Delighted
Enter the Story by brightredrose
Enter the Story
EDIT:  I am floored by how many people have taken a liking to this piece.  But I have a confession. 
I have never seen the film adaptation of nor read the Neverending Story. 
I humbly beg your forgiveness.  The title AND description to this piece were in reference to the movie Enter the Dragon.  I realize now that it could easily be construed as a hint to Neverending Story rather than a really bad movie pun. 

So no, this is not Falkor.  This is actually reasonably close to what dragons in Korean mythology are said to look like. 
Not Falkor  Bad Title, Bad.  Stop misleading people. 

The reason I bring this up is not because I have any problem with people seeing this dragon as Falkor.  It's a fair enough comparison--they're both mammalian in appearance.  It's because the original source material--the "dragon" art from Korea, and the art of China from which it drew inspiration--is worth remembering as well, and it's awesome, and I'm a total mythology nerd, and if you love Falkor, you should definitely check his Korean grand-daddies and his Chinese great-grand-daddies out sometime.  Because that art is amazing, and much more amazing than this homage here (for one thing, it was created without aid of pencil or computer). 


My use of title puns has gone beyond the mere "cheesy" level.

Illustration for the first page of a new book project. 
SpeedPaint:  Looking Ahead by brightredrose
SpeedPaint: Looking Ahead
Just vomiting out some color onto a sketch, so I guess this qualifies as a color thumbnail of some sort.  Will be moved to scraps later, but I like to show that yeah, I do play with bright colors occasionally. 

Really I just did it to let this crazy (decidedly impolite word) out for a while again, because I've been doodling her in the margins for ten years (as of today, actually--as I discovered from a dated drawing from middle school) and she clearly has no intention of leaving me alone. 


is a silly sheep
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
Elisabeth Rose Craster is probably crazy.

It takes a special brand of crazy to go to school for art. Elisabeth studied Illustration at both the Delaware College of Art and Design and the Maryland Institute College of Art. She graduated with her Bachelor's in Illustration in the spring of 2013.

Miss Craster is nutty enough to live with an imaginary raven and a (very real) fat orange tabby cat. She is currently based in her small hometown of Felton, Delaware.

Elisabeth still believes in make-believe and aspires to create illustrated storybooks, book covers, and posters for children and young adults. In an age dominated by the latest gadgets, she plans to combine modern technology with traditional draftsmanship to keep the book--or ebook--abreast of the arms-race for children's attention.

Most of all, Elisabeth is crazy because she never wanted to grow up. So she never did.

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GOD bless you now and always.

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