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BUCK THIS by brightredrose
Ultimately this pose did not make it into the dummy, but it was too fun to let die, so...postcard art. 
You are not a real rider until you have been on a horse hell-bent on dislocating both your arms. 
Fall (Again) by brightredrose
Fall (Again)
The immediate follow-up to Spook.
Graphite only because it's a rear-of-postcard image and I like to flaunt my pencils every now and then.  :)  This is what they all look like before color, which is why I label my work as traditional even though it is a combination (get on that "tradigital" option, DA). 
Spook by brightredrose
Hey, Elisabeth? 
Yes, self? 
Let's draw a white horse in a snowy landscape.  NO!  TWO white horses.  The same white horse twice. Also don't forget to make the saddle pad off-white.  Oh and the fox will have white patches but it can't be the same white. 
Keep drawing, kids.  One day you too can have borderline psycho conversations with your inner artist.   

Familiar characters by now, showcasing another classic "learning to ride" moment: the moment you realize that inside even the calmest and most affectionate horse exists a raging ball of psycho that can be stirred by otherwise-innocuous things.
The next page is already in the works.  Suffice it to say, he didn't stick the landing. 

Some group requests and collections compel me to mention one last thing.  This is not intended as "furry" is more my own clumsy imitation of artists such as Jan Brett and Tasha Tudor.  If you're a furry artist and you like my work, great!  I have no issue with you.  But please understand that I am marketing myself as a children's artist and cannot allow my work to be included in galleries that also contain NSFW images (though I understand that a lot of G-rated art also exists in the genre).  Again, I have no personal quarrel with furry art, just understand that furry art is not my goal and therefore I am uncomfortable accepting gallery requests of that nature.  Thank you for your appreciation and understanding. 
Speedpaint: Wildest by brightredrose
Speedpaint: Wildest
Four hours. 
Once again balancing my neurotic, finger-cramping pencil style with the occasional bout of insanity in photoshop.  Something I do once in a blue moon.  *shot for pun*  Cliche image is cliche, but hopefully just a touch unsettling. 
I find myself intrigued but disappointed by unicorns invading the comedy/horror genre (Supernatural, Cabin in the Woods).  If you're going to make a cliche white unicorn creepy or scary, then by God, make it creepy.  Or at least sirenical. 

"Enough.  What are you, then?" 
He laughed, though even his laugh was airy and hard to hear, "Many things!  Old!  Forgotten!  Wild!  I am the Wildest of wild things!"
Worth It by brightredrose
Worth It
(Edit:  Minor lighting adjustments)
Horse people will understand. 
Sample illustration for a children's book idea.
Heavy reference of my own photos for the horse (Zena from the barn); the fox I kind of made up as I went.  Hopefully they're in the same family of realism-with-a-smidge-of-cartoony. 


is a silly sheep
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
Elisabeth Rose Craster is probably crazy.

It takes a special brand of crazy to go to school for art. Elisabeth studied Illustration at both the Delaware College of Art and Design and the Maryland Institute College of Art. She graduated with her Bachelor's in Illustration in the spring of 2013.

Miss Craster is nutty enough to live with an imaginary raven and a (very real) fat orange tabby cat. She is currently based in her small hometown of Felton, Delaware.

Elisabeth still believes in make-believe and aspires to create illustrated storybooks, book covers, and posters for children and young adults. In an age dominated by the latest gadgets, she plans to combine modern technology with traditional draftsmanship to keep the book--or ebook--abreast of the arms-race for children's attention.

Most of all, Elisabeth is crazy because she never wanted to grow up. So she never did.

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Ravetta Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Wonderful art gallery, it is a pleasure looking through your works!
Especially your unicorn paintings mean a lot to me. They remind me of a book I wanted to write years ago and somehow never did ^^
brightredrose Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you!  You and me both.  :XD: 
abimanyudju Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lighting effect on your art are superb. i learn a lot just by watching it. thanks for sharing.
brightredrose Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you!  I actually had a very good friend helping me with the lighting on this one.  :)  This piece was originally a lot colder, with a pale light.  She reminded me that light has color and convinced me to go crazy with it. 
Meeweeda Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015  Student General Artist
I just discovered your work and am in love with it. Your style makes me nostalgic. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful talent!
brightredrose Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you!  :D
Liszica Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2015
Can you draw a cat, from fur of lampart, very, very long tail, big ears and colorfull eyes? Please! I need this cat for me book fantasy.. The "cat" name is Iknoen. I'm from Poland. 
brightredrose Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
It takes me about 40-60 hours to complete a piece, so unfortunately I can't add any projects to my list right now.  :(  I'm already very late sending out my scheduled projects.  It's an interesting concept, though!  I will tell you that the publishing industry usually doesn't like authors to already have illustrators picked out--they like to do that for you.  :)  So, write your book, and don't worry about the pictures just yet.  :D
Ganjamira Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015  Professional Artisan Crafter

:iconlachoirplz: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :iconlachoirplz: I hope you´ll have an awesome day with lots of presents and a huge cake!!!:party::tighthug:

brightredrose Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Actually I got lots of cash. ^^  Which I'm 100% okay with. 
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